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  • The Middle of Nowhere

    The Middle of Nowhere

    I grew up in a rural town in a farming family. One day when I was little, I was riding along with my mom in the car. I can only guess we were driving out to meet my dad at one of the fields we happened to be farming at the time. My siblings and […]

  • Stressed About Grad School?  Learn This Important Lesson.

    Stressed About Grad School?  Learn This Important Lesson.

    Recently, I was having a conversation with someone about the stresses and anxieties involved with grad school.  It can be easy to ask yourself, “Am I good enough?”  Especially when you compare yourself to other students, gauging whether or not you will be as good or as smart as them.  I’m paraphrasing, but here is […]

  • MFA in Creative Writing

    MFA in Creative Writing

    Ever wonder what it’s like to study creative writing in college? What does one do/learn in such a program? Now you can find out. Today, I would like to begin a series of articles describing my experience in an MFA program in creative writing–especially sharing what I learn along the way. In this particular article, […]