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Parable Presents is a website dedicated to learning and teaching the craft of storytelling. On Parable Presents I write articles which discuss things I’ve learned about storytelling–the topic may be what I’ve learned from grad school, personal study, or life experience.

Hi, my name is Bob Schroeder. Why Stories? I believe stories act as a lens through which we see life. Good stories express the truth, goodness, and beauty of life; even of the transcendent. Stories teach. Good stories teach us how to live good, meaningful lives–how to love, how to forgive, how to suffer, etc. Stories, charged with truth and meaning, are powerful.

I’m a beginner. My dream is to one day write and publish beautiful stories. Join me on this adventure of learning and storytelling. See behind the scenes as I make this journey to becoming a writer and storyteller. My hope is that you too will learn about the craft and, if you desire, write something beautiful.

My wife and I zip lining in Whitefish.

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